I Got A Tattoo On My Lunch Break

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“Ouch, done!” That was my Facebook status immediately after I got my second tattoo durting my lunch break. It’s the first tattoo that’s the tough one.

I got my first tattoo was when I was 17 (pictured middle right). My parents hate both of them. Like h-a-t-e them. It’s almost like my tattoos have the power of Medusa and my parents will turn to stone if they even look at them. My Dad thinks tattoos are for criminals and low-lives.

But the truth of the matter is,people from all walks of life have them these days. Doctors, Lawyers, Geeks [pics], Executives and even Journalists like me have joined the undesirables of society in this love of body decoration. Approximately 45 million Americas have at least one tattoo, so I am in good company I guess.

Every picture tells a story, even tattoos. From angry parents and a tribute to my late first cousin, to a lunch break ink session… here are the stories of my 2 tattoos.

PICTS: I Got A Tattoo During My Lunch Break