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Once again, we find ourselves in the eye of that pop culture storm called “awards season.” We’re hanging loose in a suspenseful window between the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, when hopefuls pen wistful speeches, starlets starve and cineplexes score big.

Yes, Natalie spooked the crap out of us and one epic performance has us compulsively shouting  ” … and TITS!” (wouldn’t you like to know), but over here at Methodshop, we noticed a few gaps in the ballot. Gots to give credit where credit is due.

BEST iPHONE APPLICATION: Inception, the App — Just when we thought we finally got to the bottom of Christopher Nolan’s many-layered dreamscape, this application lures us in with the tagline “Experience your life as a dream” by pioneering “a new form of Augmented Reality using sound.” Sweet. Where’s the kick?

BEST MOVIE SPOOF: Jim Carey’s Black Swan on SNL — He had me at minute 3:00. Pure seduction.

BEST ART IMITATING LIFE: With a slew of biopics in the mix, it was a tough call, but I’m gonna go ahead and give it to Micky and Dicky’s six sisters in The Fighter. Pure elegance.

BEST SOCIAL NETWORK: The Social Network — Until someone comes up with a better one, Mark Zuckerberg (and Aaron Sorkin) reign supreme.

BEST OLIVE BRANCH VEILED IN AN ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: Aaron Sorkin to Mark Zuckerberg — Sorkin made sure to make sweet with the Facebook founder, letting him know that the ladies surely love him, after all. (L.L. Cool M?)

BEST ACTOR AS ACTING COACH: James Franco — Ever wonder how the 127 Hours star accesses his depth of emotion? What his green screen techniques are? What lengths he will go to for the perfect scene? The trio of Funny or Die’s “Acting With James Franco” videos will answer all of your questions. Ah, inspiration.

What are your picks for unsung champions this movie season? Pop some popcorn and leave a comment bellow. I need to know what I also left out. Bad me.

Photo by Andreas Praefcke.


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