MethodShop Superfan: Don The Video Editor

methodshopIf you “Like” us on Facebook, then you’ve probably already seen our “Superfan” feature in action. A few times a month, we single out some of our MethodShop Facebook fans for being awesome. There’s no official entry process. Just “Like” us on Facebook and get engaged with the MethodShop community. If you standout from the average Internet reader, we’ll notice.

Fresh off the heels of MethodShop Superfan Frank Radice’s interview with porn legend Sunset Thomas, we bring you our latest Superfan, Don the Video Editor.

Q: Hi Don. Do you know why you were chosen to be a MethodShop Superfan?
A: Because I’ve already won “The Biggest Loser”? Just kidding. I’m guessing it may have to do with the fact that, many moons ago (1992), I worked on a video piece, that helped fund a fanzine called Rubber Ducky Magazine, which went on to become

Q: What some of your favorite articles on
A: The “All it takes is one person to start a party “ and the How to Copy Music & Movies Off Your iPod, iPad or iPhone tutorial.

Q: Got any topic suggestions for our writers?
A: If you find yourself with writer’s block… I find that a bottle of chateau Michelle Riesling does wonders to kick start the old synapses. Oh, topic suggestions… I’d like to read a little more about what Frank Radice has going on.

Q: You’re from New Jersey, why do people give your state such a hard time?
A: Bruce Springsteen f’ed everything up.

Q: What kind of music do you like and why?
A: I’m a big fan of “live” music. I love playing “air guitar” in a venue where I can buy a t-shirt and a beer.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that your friends reading this right now won’t already know.
A: I watch certain television shows (i.e.. “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, “Intervention” and the above mentioned “The Biggest Loser” solely to evoke tears.

Q: Please complete this sentence: I want all my friends reading this to…
A: Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side.

Q: Last thoughts about anything?
A: Keep up the fab work on MethodShop! And don’t forget, all it takes is one person to start a party. Punch It!