Got an iPad? If you don’t have one already, there’s a good chance you might soon. According to the research firm, eMarketer, Apple sold 8.5M iPads in 2010 and gobbled up 88% of the tablet market. This year, eMarketer expects Apple to sell nearly 20 million iPads and 30M more next year in 2012.

How Do People Use Their iPads?

Why is everyone so excited about the iPad? The most popular activity for iPad users is news reading. 75% of iPad users spending at least 30 minutes a day consuming news, according to a study from the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri.

Breakfast with the Morning News *Not* Paper
Breakfast with the Morning News *Not* Paper.

iPad Users More Likely To Cancel Their Print Subscriptions

Although the study has some good news for non-print brands with apps like CNN, or publishers with news apps like The Daily, it adds another nail in the coffin for physical newspapers. The study also reports that half of all print newspaper subscribers who use their iPad at least an hour a day are likely to cancel their print subscriptions within six months.