Interview With Murray Gold, Music Composer From The Doctor Who TV Series

methodshopMurray Gold has a self-proclaimed “great life” with a job any Sci-Fi fan would kill for. He may not be a household name, but if you are a Doctor Who fan, then you have certainly heard and adored his music.

I was fortunate enough to randomly bump into Murray in a Midtown bar in New York City. Murray was the last person I had expected to meet that night, but hey, anything is possible in Manhattan right?! Being the friendly and outgoing person that I am, I started up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to me. The second I detected an English accent, I immediately had to ask him about my favorite television program of all time, the British science fiction drama Doctor Who. Murray was instantly taken aback and responded something like, “What made you say that?” I was surprised by his shock until he began to tell me about his one of a kind profession… musical composer for BBC’s mega-hit Doctor Who!!! How cool/random is that?

I have interviewed tons of celebs in my career and to be honest with you, only a handful of them have made me nervous. Tom Brokaw, Peter Gabriel and Murray Gold are some of the few culprits who have all have made me weak in the knees.

Murray was awesome. He not only agreed to do an interview with, but we also got to do a exclusive photo shoot of his workspace a few days later. Please enjoy, my exclusive interview and photo shoot with Doctor Who composer, Murray Gold.

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