Things got a little “awk-berg” on NBC‘s late night sketch comedy series SNL this week. SNL cast member Andy Samberg was playing the part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and confronted actor Jesse Eisenberg about misrepresenting Zuckerberg in the new film The Social Network. And then the real Mark Zuckerberg shows up to speak with Eisenberg for the first time ever. It was a rare TV treat.

In case you missed it, here’s the clip from SNL:

Will Zuckerberg Do More TV?

This was a rare appearance for Zuckerberg. He has managed to resist the All-American urge to self-exploit despite his success. No reality shows for him, no gut-spilling tell-alls to glossy magazines. Despite the fact that he was the subject of a Golden Globe winning film, a Person of the Year cover story and a recurring Saturday Night Live sketch, he’s stayed focused on his work and relatively quiet.

Kudos for that Mark, but thank heavens you finally stepped out of the Faceshadows and acknowledged the cultural tornado that is you! Sharing the stage with the guys who played him this year (Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network and Andy Samberg on SNL) was TV gold. The ZuckerEisenSamberg Trio — too cute.