Is the iPad 2 ahead of the competition? [infographic]

Are you looking to buy a tablet? The iPad 2 is definitely the most popular tablet computer available on the market right now, but is it the most advanced? Should you look at other brands or just buy an iPad? This infographic compares a variety of common features including processor, OS, weight, battery, camera, network, audio, memory and price found in the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series, Notion Ink Adam and the iPad 2. Guess who wins? Scroll down to the bottom to find out.

Is The iPad 2 ahead of the competition? [infographic]

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Consumers vote with their wallets. Based on price and features, Apple’s iPad 2 is the clear winner when compared to the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series and the Notion Ink Adam. Also, despite any shortcoming Apple products might have as far as technical specifications go (like the lack of Adobe Flash support), it is important to remember the power of brand recognition and how loyal Apple users are. This consumer loyalty automatically gives the iPad 2 a big advantage right out of the gate. Initial projections of the original iPad selling poorly proved to to be completely wrong. 300,000 were sold on the first day of release, sales reached 7M by the end of 2010 and are expected to triple by the end of 2012.

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Infographic via Investintech