Walt Ribeiro the Professional Orchestra Composer [interview]

MethodShop Superfan: Walt RibeiroIt’s that time again. Please say hello to our latest MethodShop Superfan: Walt Ribeiro. A few times a month, we single out some of our MethodShop Facebook fans for being awesome. Superfans get interviewed for our blog and their photo featured in our Facebook profile. There’s no official entry process. Just “Like” us on Facebook, tweet with us, leave blog comments and get engaged with the MethodShop community. If you standout from the average Internet reader, we’ll notice and ask you to be a Superfan.

Walt is a very interesting guy. Not only is he a very active member of the MethodShop community, but he loves to Salsa dance, speaks fluent Spanish and arranges pop songs… For Orchestra. No joke. That’s his job.


Do you know why you were chosen to be a MethodShop Superfan?
Probably because I don’t just read the articles, I add to them. I enjoy commenting, telling others about them, and sharing my thoughts about them. They’re always so interesting!

What some of your favorite articles on MethodShop.com and why?
My favorite was Cigar Guy (it’s where I first heard about the meme months ago before it blew up). I commented and shared it, because I found it hilarious.

Got any topic suggestions for our writers?
I think more tutorials would be good. How to reset your cell phone, recover your data, cool facebook hacks, and more . Also, perhaps a weekly MethodShop Post Top 10 about whatever is current. Top 10’s can be funny, informative, and enjoyable. They can range from tech, pop culture, old news, current news, design, music, art, and more.

You’re from Pennsylvania and fairly new to New York City…what do you like most about the Big Apple?
I love Central Park. Coming from a small town, there is something remarkable about seeing a park that large, packed with people, and everyone just doing everything from rollerblading, to soccer, to Frisbee, to just grabbing a drink. It’s a chill vibe, and on a nice day, there’s no place better to relax.

You are an orchestra composer. What kind of music inspires your work?
As an orchestra composer, people are surprised to learn I’m really drawn to Trance music. The music production of that genre is fascinating to me. But recently I’ve been getting involved with current music, and learning the new styles of the past few years – everything from dubstep to 8-bit music. To hear a fresh new sound or genre, creates a fresh new idea to me. Ideas are what I’m inspired by, because there’s no telling where they’ll take you.

Rihanna ‘Only Girl In The World’ For Orchestra by ForOrchestra

What do you think of Social Media?
I think it shouldn’t be called “social media.” Since day 1, media has always been about communicating and being social, because we’re social beings. Whether it was caveman drawings, communicating through music, the telephone, newspapers, or now the computer – not much has changed. While I don’t agree with the name ‘Social Media’ (perhaps “social web” is more fit?), I do agree that it’s what we’re all here for – it’s about the connections we create, nurture, and care about. Social Media is magical, not because of the technology, but because of the people. Any medium that brings us together, like social media, is awesome.

Please complete this sentence: I want all my friends reading this to…
Be passionate, be remarkable, take risks and read the rest of my Superfan interview.