I admit it. Yes, I did buy one of those abdominal shock belts you see on late-night TV commercials. Put the gel on and let the electricity build my muscles. Many of us will try the latest fad to lose a little weight. I even remember Jackie Chan talking about how he layered up with a raincoat when working out to lose weight. So with that said, will Sauna Pants be the miracle device?

Hot Burning Beauty-Leg Sauna Pants

Sauna Pants: Do They Work?

Here’s how it works: You strap on the Sauna Pants, turn on the heat and let the weight loss begin. The 95-160 degree heat will make your lower body sweat, just like you’re in a sauna. The best part of all this, Sauna Pants also vibrate! WOO HOO!

Are They Dangerous?

Before you go pay the $40 for these Polyester Nylon and Velcro strap-on pants, you might want to be aware of the dangers. The most important thing to remember is something called Thermoregulation. If it’s cold outside, don’t go walking around in these pants and a sports bra (like the model in the picture). That is unless you want a heart attack.

Oh yeah, if you’re a guy and trying to conceive, you might NOT want to wear a pair of Sauna Pants. High temperatures to the lower extremities also could kill your little soldiers. Something to keep in mind.

Are Sauna Pants Right For You?

We all want to lose weight, otherwise, we wouldn’t buy these idiotic items. But then again, if it really worked, I’d wear Sauna Pants every day, even to work, and have a six-pack that I could take to the beach and show off to the ladies.

Wait, but it VIBRATES!
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