Tech Shy Teacher Struggles With Keeping Her Gadgets Up To Date

Unlike some people, i.e. Frank Radice, I am one who is slow to embrace new technology. I admit it, my name is Antonietta Pace and I’m a tech shy teacher.

I know, it may seem strange for a teacher to be tech shy and too stubbornly set in her ways at times to learn something new. Perhaps it is because I was born a stubborn Taurus. As a result of this apprehension, I usually purchase a new gadget about 3 weeks before the new model is announced to hit shelves! And I pay the price dearly.

Case in point, I got a new iPhone 3G in May 2009, 3 weeks before the 3GS came out.  So, of course, I convince the Apple store to give me the new one, before realizing I haven’t backed up my phone properly and lose EVERYTHING!  I’m actually forced to get the iPhone 4 now, a few months before the iPhone 5 comes out because my poor 3GS has suffered its final drop on the floor… and before I backed it up all the way!

Antonietta Pace Loves
Self-portrait by Antonietta Pace via the front-facing camera on the iPhone 4

That’s okay. I have my iPad to keep me company until then, which I got in February 2011, 3 weeks before the iPad 2 came out! I guess this goes to show that I’m not visiting MethodShop nearly enough! Well, anyway, Happy 15th Birthday to everyone at!


Antonietta Pace

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