The New Commodore 64, Vic-20, Amiga: Is It Worth the Price?

minted methodshopCommodore lovers, listen up. The Commodore 64, Amiga and Vic-20 are back. They got new processors, USB ports, Ethernet and all that new technological stuff. This ain’t your 8-bit computer from the 80’s. Then again, it does come with the C-64 emulator, so it can be your computer from the 80’s…

After a series of companies buying the brand and trying to revive the Commodore line, apparently, this one has done it. The new owners have decided to improve the board while keeping the retro style.

The new Commodore 64 contains the Dual Core 525 Atom processor, along with Nvidia Ion2 graphics chipset. Speeds up to 1.8 MHz dual, you can do everything your PC can do.

C-64 ThenC-64 now
Processor1.23 MHz MOS 65101.8 GHz Dual ATOM
Memory65kb RAMScalable: up to 4 GB
VideoVIC-2 320×200 16 colorsNVIDIA ION (512 MB)
Sound8-bit SID 65816-channel HD audio, 7.1 output
Connects toTV monitor (with RF adaptor)DVI or HDMI1 Monitor (with adaptor)
StorageExternal Tape Drive, 5.25 Floppy4 SATA ports for HD, disc
PeripheralsTape drive, 5.25 Floppy,
Printer, 2400 baud modem
USB, Card reader, DVI,
Ethernet, mini PCI Express

The Vic-Pro, Vic-Slim

The Vic-20 also got upgraded with 2 models. The Vic-Slim for simple internet needs (with a single ATOM processor) and the Vic-Pro, which can have up to a Quad-core 3.0 GHz processor. It doesn’t look like the Vic-20 of past, but is still an all-in-one box computer. The Vic line also has a touchpad on the front.

The Amiga 1000, 2000, 3000 Line

The Amiga of past was the premier in computers for cgi graphics. Using a device called a “Video Toaster”, the Amiga was used to create some of the scenes you saw in Sci-fi TV and movies. Now, the Amiga is just a case. You can put in your own Motherboard (as long as it’s an ATX style), memory, hard drives and more.

Is the new Commodore line Worth the Price?

minted methodshopWhile the C-64 starts at $250, all you get is a case and card reader. You can get a full ATOM PC inside with 1 TB drive and Blu-Ray for $895. Therefore, you could get a case, then build your own machine. Of course, if you want a bigger machine, an Amiga case is what you need.

In all, if you are an enthusiast, then this would be a great case to have. It even has the function keys – except in this case, they get you to the internet, email and more.

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