Beer Diplomacy LIVE with Jim Louderback, David Berkowitz, Josh Harris and Peter Shankman

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methodshopTo help celebrate Internet Week this year, sponsored the first live episode of Beer Diplomacy , a weekly roundtable discussion about politics featuring tech favorites and social media personalities hosted by Stuart Tracte. The guests for this special live episode of Beer Diplomacy included Jim Louderback of Revision 3, David Berkowitz of 360i, Josh Harris, and Peter Shankman from HARO.

Tracte did an excellent job leading the hour long discussion with his guests through a variety of topics including: “Weinergate,” Peter Shankman’s recent blog post about NOT hiring self-proclaimed social media “experts,” the United Nations recent declaration of Internet access being a basic human right, and government internet regulation.

You can watch the live Internet Week 2011 episode of Beer Diplomacy sponsored by in its entirety in the embedded video above. Also MethodShop blogger Gia Pace took lots of pictures at the event. You can check out all the picts on MethodShop’s Flickr account.