MacBook Service Battery Warning

Attention Apple laptop owners: Have you ever seen the MacBook Service Battery error before when going to check your battery percentage? If so, don’t ignore it. Your battery may decided to go nuclear puffy on you.

MacBook Service Battery Warning

Apple Laptop Battery Error: Service Battery WarningWe went to go check the battery level in a 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook last week and instead of getting a number between 0-100%, we got a “Service Battery” warning.

Feeling slightly unnerved, we took the battery out of the MacBook Thursday night and let it on a table in the office. Turned out to be a really good idea. Look what we found this morning… The battery packs inside basically expanded to the edge of exploding. Yikes!

You can see more photos of the bloated battery of goo in the Flickr photostream and read about some of the other signs that your MacBook battery is dying here.

This MacBook Battery is F*cked! This MacBook Battery is F*cked!

Has This Happened To You Before?

Guess it’s time to get a new battery. Has anyone else ever seen this before? We dare someone to bring this battery to an Apple Store Genius Bar and try to make them fix it. Any takers?minted methodshop