8 Great Games That You Can Play On Google Plus Games

Get your game on with Google Plus Games.

google plus games

Google is now ready to compete in the gaming space against its rival Facebook. Google’s new gaming service for Google+ is officially called Google Plus Games.

UPDATE: On May 15, 2013, Google announced the debut of Google Play game services, a cross-platform tool that will sync gaming data on Android, the web, and iOS. As a result, Google+ Games will shut down on June 30, 2013. Users should contact game developers to find another place to play any purchased games and resolve any payments for in-game items that you might have made.

Last week, Google launched a series of games on Google+. Google’s new gaming service for Google+ is officially called Google Plus Games. Google’s strategy is to compete with rival Facebook. If you are a big game player on Facebook, then trying the games on Google+ will be pretty familiar. However, in Google’s version, you are not inundated with invites and other requests. Therefore, you can play a game and not have your friends complain that you send them requests all the time.

The Games On Google Plus

Here are a quick summary and review of the games available now on Google Plus Games.

  1. First, we have City of Wonder (Playdom), a game where you build large roman towns and majestic cities. Just like any other game in the genre, you start with a small area of land to begin building.  Become a Roman Tyrant or Spartacus.
  2. With Crime City (Fupa), you are trying to raise your status in the mafia. You do jobs, take over territories and turn your hood into a gang. So if you are more into the life of crime, then this is the game for you.
  3. Collapse Blast (Gamezebo) is a game of strategy. Blast away groups of color blocks to raise your score. You will be able to unlock power-ups and gain new rewards as you go through the levels.
  4. Spend hours on Diamond Dash (Wooga).  It is also a block game where you remove blocks of 3 or more. You have 60 seconds per level and if you do it in fast succession, you gain more points. It too offers special rewards as you play so you can get the highest score possible.
  5. The RPG Dragon Age Legends (EA)is touted as the first real game on social network sites.  Your job is to defeat Viscount Khedra. You do this by entrusting Khedra’s Nephew “Ravi” because your quest is to save Ravi’s son.
  6. Then you have the classic Bejeweled Blitz (Popcap). Another strategy game to remove jewels that are 3-in a row or more. The clock is ticking, though.
  7. If you want more of a traditional game, try Zynga Poker (Zynga). Play some Texas hold-em with up to 9 players. Test your card skills and see if you can win the big pots.
  8. If you like fighting Zombies, then Zombie Lane (DigitalChocolate) might be the game for you. Your job is simply to fight off zombies from your neighborhood. Use items like shovels and shotguns, make sure you don’t get turned into a… BRAINS!!!

There Are More Google Plus Games To Come!

Of course, there are many more games coming out for Google Plus. As the game companies make them, they will adapt for Facebook, Google+ or other social networks.

Do you play these games? Which ones do you like? Do you detest how Facebook pushes games onto your feed? Let me know through Twitter @geekazine.

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