Monopoly + Foursquare = Foursquaropoly App

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methodshopLove good old fashioned boardgames but haven’t actually played one in years? You aren’t alone. People now look to their smartphones, like the iPhone or Droid, for most gaming needs. But what if Foursquare and Monopoly came together and integrated the game play of Monopoly with Foursquare‘s location-based functionality and social connectivity… and called it Foursquaropoly?

Foursquaropoly players start off with $100k and can buy properties that they check-in via Foursquare. If a property has already been purchased, then players would have to pay to check-in to another player’s property. But be careful before buying everything in sight. You have to pay monthly bills on all your properties.

Sounds awesome right? Ready to buy Foursquaropoly from the iTunes Store? Us too! However, there’s a snag. It’s not real. WTF right? Foursquaropoly was just a student project. Let’s hope someone from Hasbro Games, the makers of Monopoly, meets up with @Dens or @jonathancrowley at a conference soon.


You can download the progress of the Foursqareopoly project here on Twitter at @foursquaropoly.