Liquid Image’s Wide Angle Video Scuba Mask [review]


Do you love scuba diving but always wished you could capture all those great underwater moments and share them with your land-loving friends? Liquid Image’s Wide Angle Scuba HD is a hybrid scuba mask and video camera rolled into one.

Liquid Image built a 5.0MP underwater camera right into a high-quality dive mask making underwater photography “hands free” and easy. If you’re an experienced diver then you know how much a hands-free camera makes swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving both safer and more convenient. Without having to fiddle around with a camera, your hands are free to explore your underwater environment, play with fish and attend to immediate situations. And if you need to use the camera while in the water, the lever style buttons are easy to use with diving gloves.

Liquid Image's Wide Angle Video Scuba Mask [review]The 136-degree wide angle 5.0MP camera lens has an amazing field of view allowing you to capture all the underwater action down to 40 meters below sea level. The Liquid Image Wide Angle HD can capture both still images and 720 x 480 30fps video. After your dive, all your media can be downloaded to your computer with an included USB cable.

The Wide Angle Scuba HD mask uses a Micro SD/SDHC Card Slot for external memory and is limited to 32 GB (not included). 32GBs will be plenty for the average diver, but plan ahead and bring extra memory if you’re thinking about shooting a sequel to James Cameron‘s Abyss.

Downsides? There’s no way to manually delete files with a computer. So make sure you don’t accidentally leave the video on and fill up your memory card. And be sure to pick up the optional color filter to help fix underwater blue or green color tints.

You can pick up the Liquid Image Wide Angle HD video dive mask for around $350 on