Robin Hood Saves Renaissance Faire Wedding from The Sheriff of Nottingham

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If anyone knows any reason why this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace… with that, The Sheriff of Nottingham barged in and attempted to kiss Maid Marion right in front of her groom.

Oh the drama! Welcome to a Renaissance Faire wedding. It happens all the time on TV. I mean how many sitcoms and dramas have used interrupted nuptials to get higher ratings, but have you ever seen a wedding disrupted in real life? Check out my sister, Antonietta Pace’s (now McGoey) Renaissance Faire themed wedding ceremony invaded by Sir Philip de Marque, aka The Sheriff of Nottingham himself!

After the attempted kiss, the Sheriff addressed the audience and said, “The Mormons can have more wives and I want magical underwear, so I am going to marry you too!” Thankfully the groom, I mean Robin Hood, was nearby and quickly thwarted the Sheriff’s devious plans.

From the Apple Store Time-Lapse Webcam to the Guy Jumping Off A Building, this is definitely one of the more creative weddings or marriage proposals we’ve written about on MethodShop since 1996. Got a good story for us? Please post a comment on the MethodShop Facebook page or in the comments below.

minted methodshop
Photo by Brian Boyd Queen Elizabeth I Even Attended The Wedding (Check Out Robin Hood In The Front Row!)


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minted methodshop
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