WOW. This picture was not what I was expecting when I first saw the email subject “Bottoms Up!” in my inbox. The “Bottoms Up” hot air balloon is of female buttocks. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a hot air balloon that could actually be considered NSFW. It made me blush so fast I almost fainted.

The Bottoms Up Balloon!

Is The “Bottom’s Up” Balloon Real Or Fake?

At a brief glance, there are several indicators that this image is a fake and has been Photoshopped. For example, there’s a thin white edge around the left and right side of the top of the balloon. This edge is a common leftover element when cutting out something from another image. Also, the fade out between the lingerie and the bottom base of the balloon is suspicious looking.

However, if I’m wrong and this is real and not Photoshopped, then kudos to the person that actually owns this hot air balloon. It is certainly unique. However, I can see a lot of people, including most parents, who will think this balloon is offensive.