Lazy BitBeam Robot Playing Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The BitBeamBot project is a brainchild by Jason Huggins. It’s actually a CNC machine, built out of bitbeam – which is a basswood beam system that is compatible with LEGO Technic pieces. That way, if he needs to make changes or expand his idea, he can prototype before building.

Huggins started this project in August 2011, and put together the basic CNC machine by September. A CNC machine stands for “Computer aided Numerical Control“. Most people associate it to cutting out plastic, metal or wood pieces to put build projects. However, a CNC machine can be used for other things.

If you’ve ever gone to the Mall and had your picture sketched by the photo booth for $2, the process is done by a sketching CNC machine. If precision is needed to do something, then a CNC machine might be implemented.

The computer software tells the motor of the CNC how far to go. If calibrated correctly, the end project will match perfectly to the CAD drawing or hand-inputted code.

So if you have the time to program, you might be able to get this bitbeambot to pass all levels of Angry Birds. However, you first have to figure out how to win all the levels of Angry Birds. Especially the birds that drop eggs, blow up or the Tucan that boomerangs back.

Silly Robot! Angry Birds are for kids….

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