Breaking News From The Onion…It’s The End Of The World…Premiere

Coco, Ice-T & Me! - New Reality Show Perhaps? Photo By Philip Rossi


When it comes to satire, The Onion has always ranked among the best. The Onion first bloomed in 1988 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and through the years has grown from fertile ground into “America’s Finest News Source”. Just last night The Onion News Network (ONN) began its second season on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) with an earth shattering episode titled “Asteroid Heads To Earth” ONN’s entire news team is so spot on, it is difficult to pick a favorite, but you have to love their hard news gal Brooke Alvarez (Suzanne Sena) and Autistic Reporter Michael Falk (John Cariani).


Morning News Onion Reporters Tracy Gill & Jim Haggerty Give Matt Lauer & Ann Curry A Run For Their Money Photo By Giacinta Pace


I was lucky enough to attend the exclusive, live New York staging of the show on Monday night and boy did the entertainment rock! In fact, the entire evening was all about rocks…there were Pop Rocks, Rock Candy, actual rocks in the center pieces, talk of an Asteroid Rock ending the world and of course A LOT of very strong alcohol on the rocks.


Clever Drink Menu At The After Party...The Asteroid Rocks Drink Sent Me Into Outer Space Photo By Giacinta Pace


It was all a blast, but the highlight of the evening was listening to rapper/actor Ice-T‘s wife Coco explain her clever plan to rescue humanity from impeding doom. Forget modern technology, Coco was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and use her quality ASSets to create “Ass Gravity” thereby diverting the asteroid and saving the planet. As Ice-T put it, “Hah…Obama didn’t think of that!!” I love the idea so much that in the future I am going to use “Ass Gravity” to solve all of life’s most difficult problems!


Although the earth really wasn’t destroyed and we all had to return to work the next day, it was fun to see celeb reality stars such as Ice-T, Coco, Chef Chris Nirschel, Tanisha Thomas and a couple of Mob Wives usher in the pretend Apocalypse.


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