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If you “Like” MethodShop on Facebook, then you’ve probably already seen our “Superfan” feature in action. A few times a month, we single out some individuals in the MethodShop community for being awesome. Superfans get interviewed for our blog and their photo featured in our Facebook profile. There’s no official entry process. Just “Like” us on Facebook, tweet us, leave blog comments and engage. If you standout from the average reader, we’ll notice.

Please say hello to the latest MethodShop Superfan: @AmyVernon, Vice President of Strategy and Alliances for Hasai Inc and blogger….


How did you first find out about MethodShop?

Met Jon at something back in the day and immediately knew I had to check out MethodShop. I think it was at a Social Media Week event near 30 Rock a couple years ago. We happened to be sitting next to one another & started talking shop, as I had a journo background & he was still at NBC at the time. I think that was it; if it wasn’t, then I don’t even remember, which is par for the course with me.


Do you know why your were chosen to be a MethodShop Superfan?

Because I’m super and a fan? Hmm. I don’t know. Probably something to do with bacon.


What is your favorite MethodShop article and why?

Topless Woman with Mustache and Nikon D90 Camera Spotted Roaming Manhattan [pic] Because it is utterly New York. Completely random and inexplicable. And yet, you know that dozens of people walked past her without noticing, or without caring. ‘Cause, after all, this is NYC, and if some woman wants to walk around topless and take photos and paint a mustache on her face, why shouldn’t she be able to?


Describe MethodShop in 5 words or less?

Quirky, useful, amusing.


What are some of your favorite tech gadgets and why?

Love my iPhone and my Droid X2 is growing on me. Did you know you can make phone calls AND surf the web? As well as play Angry Birds. I mean, what DON’T they do?? I also thought I would have no use for an iPad, but it’s quite useful. Even my husband, who isn’t big on gadgets, wants one, to read ebooks. And the boys? My boys LOVE playing games on the iPad.


What do you do for work?

Social media “stuffs”. Mostly, I find cool stuff on the Internet and do things to it.


What do you like and hate most about your job?

Like: I get to spend all my time online and find cool things.

Hate: I end up spending all my time online and never read anymore. Also, sometimes I sit so long my fanny hurts.


Tell us something about yourself that your friends reading this right now won’t already know.

I was a total punk rocker in high school, when it came to the music I listened to. However, I totally dressed preppy-ish.


Please complete this sentence…I want everyone reading this to…

…eat some bacon.

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