Nude Models Help Zappos Sell More Than Shoes

More Than Shoes

Zappos is stripping down forĀ their latest marketing campaign… and we mean all the way down. In an effort to raise awareness of their expanded product offering beyond just shoes, their new ads feature people just wearing, shoes. That’s it. The “More Than Shoes” ads fromĀ Mullen, Zappos advertising agency of record, feature naked models jogging, riding a scooter, hailing a cab and playing Frisbee in public.

Zappos Gets Naked For New Marketing Campaign
Zappos: “More Than Shoes!” advertising campaign.

Feedback From Competitors

In a recent New York Times article, Ryan Holiday, the director of online marketing at American Apparel, who has gotten in trouble before for racy ads, had a good take on what Zappos is doing. He asked, “Are they doing it because they want to get attention from blogs and websites that will write about it or are they doing it because it’s the ad campaign that speaks most true to who they are and what they want to sell?”

Zappos Gets Naked For New Marketing Campaign
The nude models in Zappos’ “More Than Shoes” ad campaign are getting a lot of attention for the brand.

Too Much Sex?

What do you think? Do you like these Zappos ads? SHould there have been a male version? Is there too much sex in advertising? Please leave a comment below.