Make Your Foursquare Check-Ins Green with Green Square app [review]

GreenSquare - On iPhone
methodshopHappy Green Week! That’s right, for the next 7 days you’re probably going to see a lot of green related TV programming, advertising, tweets, news and… check-ins?! The folks at NBC‘s Green Is Universal just released a Foursquare powered mobile app called Green Square for iPhone and Android (sorry Blackberry and Windows Mobile). App download links are below.

Green Square was built using the Foursquare API so it has all the same functionality as Foursquare, but with a few extras. This means that every check-in with Green Square earns you Foursquare points, badges, mayorships, etc. But unlike Foursquare, Green Square allows you to filter your nearby locations for designated “Green Scenes.”

If you don’t see a location that you think should be classified as a “Green Scene,” then you can nominate that location within the GreenSquare app. Just tap on the ‘Submit Your Own Green Scene Now” button [pictured below] and fill out the details of your location. Green Square doesn’t specify criteria for a location to be considered a Green Scene, but we’re assuming things like parks, farmer’s markets, and restaurants, like SPQR in San Francisco that use organic ingredients, will make the cut.

GreenSquare - Submit Your Own Green Scene Now GreenSquare - All Nearby

We’ve only been playing with the app for a few hours but we’re already hooked. It’s the perfect way to kick off Green Week.

Green Square is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play or iTunes Store using the links below. Just don’t forget to use the #GreenWeek hashtag if you tweet your check-in:

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