iPad Apps to Play, Relax to while Standing in Line during Black Friday

What time are you gonna stand in line for that Black Friday deal? Better get some hand warmers and load up your mobile device batteries for a long stand in line. On Monday, I talked about the Black Friday apps to find deals via your iPad or Android device. But you’ve done your research and are now standing in the line to wait for those great deals. So what do you do while waiting for the doors to open? Maybe play a game?

Here are some applications that will pass the time while you wait for your free MP3 player.

Turkey Blast
Turkey Blast: Reloaded

Turkey Blast: Reloaded

Turkey Blast: Apple

With 14 different weapons, Turkey Blast is an arcade shooter where you can take down 12 different types of Turkey. Think of it like Duck Hunt for your mobile device.

Price: FREE

Madden NFL 12 by EA Sports

Madden NFL 12: Apple

For all you football fans that have a desire to mow down the line you are in like a group of Linebackers, here is an alternative. Madden NFL 12 plays like the big box game systems. However, for a game like this, you might want to get Fling – the Joystick for iPad.

Price: $4.99, but there is a 80% discount (making it .99) right now!

Disney Princess: A Royal Christmas

Disney Princess: A Royal Christmas: Apple

Perfect if you have the kids with you in line for Black Friday. The app has 3 holiday stories to read through and play interactive games. Coloring book, little games are placed throughout  the stories. Of course, it’s a Disney app, so it’s wholesome fun for the kids!

Price: $4.99



Monopoly: Apple

This is one of my favorite apps to play – especially in long wait situations. Just like the board game, you can pit yourself against 3 other players (computer or actual people). Therefore, this is a great game to play with a group waiting in line. You will just have to figure out who is going to be the Top Hat, and who will be the Wheelbarrow.

Price: $9.99, it also has a 80% discount going on right now!

 Relaxing Sounds of Nature

Relaxing Sounds of Nature: Apple

Sometimes, you need to just put on the headphones and let some natural sounds sooth you as you meditate in line waiting for the doors to open. A calm chi means you can focus on what’s important: Finding the deals in the store. So let this run through your iPhone speakers as you shiver in line at 3 in the morning.

Price: .99 cents (There is a LITE version for free)

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons: Apple

Angry Birds Seasons: Android

If you haven’t pummeled through this game yet, it is always a time killer. With 205 levels, you will find destroying pigs is a perfect time-waster. This newer version also promises a new bird!

Price: 0.99 cents

taptap muppets
taptap muppets

TapTap Muppets

– Tap Tap Muppets: Apple

Who doesn’t love the Muppets? With the new movie out, the Muppets are hotter than ever. The new game plays like most other TapTap games. You have a screen similar to Guitar hero, discs fly down and you hit the drums in the right sequences. Popular Muppet songs sung by different bands, six tunes to choose from.

Price: FREE


Checkbook: Apple

Checkbook: Android

Even though they are Black Friday deals, you still want to make sure your pocketbook doesn’t drain too bad. Keeping a hold of your budget is important. In this new world of ecommerce, it’s sometimes hard to tell what you spent until you spent it.

Price: $1.99 (Apple) FREE (Android)

What are your favorite apps? Let me know – Twitter me @geekazine

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