Social Experiment: Do You Have a Dollar?

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methodshop‘Tis the season… for social experiments? Why not? It’s definitely the season for people asking you for money. Chances are, you can’t walk more than a couple blocks before seeing someone in a red outfit ringing a bell and asking you for a $1. The only problem is, most people don’t carry much cash on them these days and physically reaching large amounts of people is nearly impossible.

But a New Yorker named Eric Briarley thinks he has a solution. He wants to help feed the city’s poor and hungry by using Social Media. He has challenged one million New Yorkers to employ their individual social networks one dollar at a time. That’s right. You can only give one dollar. The goal is to raise 1 million dollars in 40 days. His website,, asks you to donate just one dollar between Nov. 22nd (Thanksgiving) and Dec. 31st (New Year’s Eve) and share that experience with your social networks. The proceeds will go to an established New York City charity called The Bowery Mission.

Do you have a dollar to spare and a moment to share? Donate and share here at


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