How to Survive Your First Adult New Years with Apps

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So this last year you turned 21. It’s time to really party, for you can do it legally. Time to ring in 2012 the right way. Completely wasted!

Whoah. Hold your horses there, n00b!

On the same level, you want to be safe. The best part is nowadays, you have a smartphone that can do more than call a cab or drunk text your ex-girlfriend. So we here at Methodshop thought we should round you up some applications you can download that will help you stay safe.

We’ll show you some apps for your iPhone, and your Android. Even a couple for the Blackberry, Windows Phone, and WebOS if you have those devices.

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Foursquare – for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, WebOS, Windows Phone

You might think that is a bad idea – Letting people know where you are. But if done right, you can catch up with your buddies if you separate. At least leave a trail for others to follow if need be.

Find Friends for iPhone, iPod Touch

This was an app that Apple put out with iOS5. Locate your friends and family from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Sign in with an Apple ID you use with iCloud. Add your friends and this can be a road map you share only with a select few.

Me911 – Android, iPhone, plus more

Me911 is a service. Not only can you locate friends, you can do so if they don’t have their phones. Wristbands, keychains and more to alert authorities who you are and any important medical information. The virtual locker you purchase for $29.99 / year can hold more important data if hospitals need it.

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Find My Phone Siren – Android

Very interesting app, if you lost your phone, just go to another Android phone and press the power button 4 times.  The service will make your phone chirp, and show you on a map where it could be. You can also lock or wipe a phone remotely if someone has stolen it.

Free SMS and Urgent Message – Android

You make a friends list. If you are in trouble, send a message in URGENT mode. It will make your friends phones scream, even if they are on vibrate. Of course, they need to install the app, too.

Last Call – iPhone

If you are in a bar and had a few drinks, this app will help you determine if you should call a cab home. You can also use the app to try and determine how much you can drink without getting wasted.

Emergency Contact – iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone

This is an application that will let people know who to contact or if you have any issues like allergies to medication.

Times Square New Years App – iPhone, Android

If you cannot be in New York, or after partying in New York you find yourself in Philadelphia around midnight, don’t worry. Pull out this app and you can watch the Times Square ball drop just as if you were there. Then go back to partying.

With this list of apps, you should be able to keep in touch and stay safe. Use your apps wisely, but more important, enjoy the holiday!

Did we miss an app? Let us know @Methodshop

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