The Evolution of the iPhone: 2007-2011

methodshopThe iPhone has come a long way since it first launched back in 2007. Back then, there was no 3G or Bluetooth. No App Store filling your gaming fix with Angry Birds or Zombie Gunship, or Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter apps to connect with your Social Media circles. The original iPhone included just a small suite of boring standard apps like Photos, Calendar and Phone. That was it.

But despite all these shortcomings, over 700k iPhones were sold during the iPhone’s debut weekend back in July 2007. Since then, the iPhone has just gotten more and more popular with each hardware and software upgrade.

The Evolution of the iPhone Infographic below shows how much innovation Apple has done with the iPhone cosmetically as well with its hardware and software. Enjoy!

The Evolution of the iPhone [infographic]




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