Ouch! Kid Slaps His Annoying Brother With An iPad

Broken iPad Screen

Do you own an iPad yet? Have you done anything stupid with it yet like drop it into a toilet or let a baby play with it? What about accidentally use it as a weapon? In this video clip, a boy slaps his annoying brother in the face with an iPad after repeatedly being pushed and kicked.

Kid Slaps His Annoying Brother With An iPad

Obviously the annoying brother kept bugging his sibling until he couldn’t take it anymore. He completely snapped and used his iPad to dispense vengeance.

We’re not sure if the iPad broke or not from the impact, but we wouldn’t bet it survived unharmed. iPads are pretty fragile. It most likely ended up with a cracked screen.

If you listen carefully, you can almost hear Siri whimper in the background.

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