5 Reasons to Use MySpace Music Player


MySpace is hip again.

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Yes, MySpace. You remember – That social network that started it all back in 2005? The one you left for Facebook in 2007. The one that Justin Timberlake now owns.

Listen to MySpace Music

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Just last week, MySpace launched their new music player. I have been putting it through it’s paces and really enjoy what I have been listening to. I have also been re-connecting with people I haven’t talked to in a while.

I’ve also been updating my music page. Of course, February is Album Writing Month – and I’ve been hot on making new songs. So I started using the new upload feature on my Artist Page

Lots of great music

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I have been running through the list of artists and see no end to the music. From Adele, to Nickelback. I heard from the top artists lists, such as Kelly Clarkson and LMFAO.

Finding music is as simple as choosing a genre. I was listening to songs like Moves Like Jagger, Use Somebody and Walk in an instant.

Ease of Use

The interface is pretty easy to call up and use. I can create playlists, listen to live Radio and get similar music. I can add a song to a playlist with the press of a button.

Another cool feature is that I can instantly move around the last few songs I listened to. That way, when I set them into their own playlist, I have it in order.


The Radio Station feature is similar to Pandora. Hit the button, and you are listening to similar songs to what you chose. You can then add those songs to your playlist, or buy for your personal library

It’s Social

Just like with Spotify on Facebook, you can connect up your profile, and share the songs you are listening to.

Independent artists

Cee Lo Green - F--k You

Search MySpace. If you see an artist, play their music. If you like it, add to playlist or buy the songs. There are thousands of artists you might not have heard of before.

Case in point – Cee Lo Green (back then was Gnarles Barkley) got his fame through MySpace back in 2006. I am listening to some great music right now from artists (I am first hearing) Lana Del Rey, Feist and some old favorites like Death Cab for Cutie and Ingrid Michaelson.

Where MySpace Music Needs to Improve

The biggest one is their mobile side. I can’t get music easily through their mobile app. Of course, that will most likely be a feature that is coming. Once it does, MySpace might just dominate the music market once again.

The player doesn’t have much of a help option. Even though the interface is pretty straightforward, I would like to see a help area that has audio and video how-to’s, like how to post your own music and how to monetize it.

Where is MySpace Music Going?

MySpace announced they want to create MySpace.tv. However, there are other directions this can go. For example, MySpace Records tried it’s hand at being an Independent music label. While the label still exists, I expect it to get a revamp.

Think about it – an artist shows up on MySpace and gets big numbers within a few weeks. MySpace sees that, then offers to put them on a label. Next thing you know, they’re winning Grammys like Bon Iver.

The MTV of the internet? It’s possible that MySpace’s new infusion could go that direction. 1 million users technically is not even 1% of the US alone. The site can compete easily with Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon, Google, Music and more. Especially since they cater to the indie artists.

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