Dad Shoots Laptop After Daughter Complains About Him On Facebook

Father Shoots Daughter's Laptop After She Complains About Him on Facebook

Dad Shoots Laptop
  • Dad Shoots Laptop: An outraged father shot his teenage daughter’s laptop after reading a “disrespectful” Facebook post about him and his wife.

Have you ever complained about someone on Facebook and thought they’d never see it? If so, this video of an angry father shooting his daughter’s laptop might make you rethink how and where you vent your frustrations. A North Carolina father who was outraged by a “disrespectful” message that his teen daughter’ posted on Facebook about him and his wife, gave her a lesson she’ll never forget – and neither will her laptop.

Angry Dad Shoots Laptop Then Shares Video On YouTube

In a YouTube video, the father, Tommy Jordan, reads the post from his daughter’s Facebook page and then fires 9 exploding hollow-point rounds into her laptop. The video of the laptop shooting has been praised by frustrated parents all over the world and has gotten well over 18M views in less than a week.

Mr. Jordon is demanding that his 15-year-old daughter Hannah pay him back for the $130 in software upgrades he installed on her computer before finding her Facebook post criticizing him and his wife, as well $1 per bullet. She will also have to spend the rest of her teenage years “computer-less,” until she raises enough money to buy a replacement on her own.

Dad Shoots Laptop: Transcript

Here’s a short transcript of the firing sequence from the video:

“That right there is your laptop,” as Mr. Jordan points the camera at the ground in their backyard.
“This right here is my .45,” he says and cocks his pistol.
“That was the first round.”
“These are exploding hollow point rounds… and you have to pay me back too. Because these are about $1 a piece.”
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… oh yeah. After that comment, you made about your mom. Your mom made sure I put one in there for her. So…”
“That one is for her.”
“And If I’ve got one left… I’ve got 2 left.”
“Now I’m out.”

Crazy Dad Or Good Parenting?

What do you think? Was his daughter Hannah deserving of this dose of tough love? Was this father wrong to go beyond the standard punishment for teenagers? Is this an appropriate response when you are disrespectful to your parents? Leave a comment below.

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UPDATE (January 2019): Tommy Jordan’s YouTube video titled “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen” now has over 40 million views.