Dad Posts Statement on Facebook After Video of Him Shooting His Daughter’s Laptop Goes Viral

If anyone in the media was hoping for an interview with Tommy Jordan, the North Carolina father who shot his teenage daughter’s laptop 9 times after she criticized him on Facebook, it looks like you’re out of luck. A local FOX TV station in Dallas ruined that for everyone when they hyped up and aired a sensational segment with psychologist Susan Fletcher. This was Mr. Jordan’s reaction to the FOX piece that he posted to his Facebook page:

Attention Media Outlets:

While we appreciate the interest you’re all putting forth to get in touch with us regarding the video, we’re not going to go on your talk show, not going to call in to your radio show, and not going to be in your TV miniseries.

Some of you think I made an acceptable parenting decision, and others think I didn’t. However, I can’t think of any way myself or my daughter can respond to a media outlet that won’t be twisted out of context. The Dallas TV news already showed that in their brief five-minute interview with the psychologist.

When we blogged about the video of Mr. Jordan shooting his daughter’s laptop a few days ago it had 13M views. The YouTube video now has over 20M views.

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