Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? If you haven’t made plans yet, then the good news is that Social Media might help you save Valentine’s Day. Just steal some Valentine’s Day gift ideas from other people and do all your shopping online.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Social Media

If you need some last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas, then just ask people on Social Media. Your social media community on Twitter, Facebook and social platforms like Yelp and Groupon are full of great ideas, at least if you take this Socialnomics Valentines Day video seriously.

Valentine’s Day Infographic: The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts According To Social Media Users

If you’re still looking for Valentine’s Day ideas, then you might like Lab 42‘s infographic. They polled 400 Social Media users about their relationships and compiled this neat Valentine’s Day infographic.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas & Plans Of Social Media Users
Via Lab42

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wonder why “man flowers” (aka a six-pack of beer) didn’t make the list of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. In case you’re curious, the top 3 Valentine’s Day gifts are (in order): dinner, chocolate, and flowers.

Have a fun week and if you’re not into the whole Valentine’s Day thing, then this might cheer you up: Dramatic Reading of a Breakup Letter

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