What do dogs think about Subaru’s dog blanket Klout Perk? (2012)

Subaru Dog Blanket Klout PerkIf you’re an active social media user, then you’ve probably at least heard of Klout by now. If not, Klout is an influence metric service that uses a variety of secret algorithms to determine your influence and reach in the socialsphere around specific topics. This information is combined into a single number between 1-100. This is your Klout Score. Each Klout user has an overall score, but your influence is also judged on thousands of specific topics including Cooking, Movies, Social Media, Cars, Bacon and even Dogs.

But what’s the point? Who cares if you have Klout than someone else? That’s where Klout Perks comes in. Your influence can earn you stuff like discounts, preferred treatment at conferences or even free stuff. We own two dogs (@TurdsAndTreats) and tweet about them and dog related topics a lot. As a result, our Klout in “Dogs” was high enough to earn a free fleece dog blanket from Subaru‘s “Dog tested. Dog approved.” promotion.

We got the blanket in the mail the other day and let the dogs open it up on their own. It’s all on video. Definitely check it out if you have a second. It’s pretty cute. Thank you Subaru and Klout. Wherever the fleece blanket is in the house is now the most popular napping spot.

Subaru Dog Blanket Klout Perk

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