Who Bought A New iPad and Why? [infographic]

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBaseJust before the new iPad was announced this month, AYTM released this inforgraphic called “iPad 3: Who Will Buy One, and Why?” Although they got the name of the new iPad wrong (it’s just iPad, not iPad 3), AYTM had some great insights on who would upgrade or buy their first iPad and why. And they were right! The new iPad’s better battery, A5X chip, 4G, HD camera and Retina display were all huge hits with consumers. According to this press release, Apple sold over 3M iPads in just the first 4 days it went on sale. It’s rumored that Apple makes a 50% profit on each product they sell. Wow! You do the math.

So what are consumers doing on their iPads? AYTM‘s infographic says Games, Entertainment and Social Networking are the top 3 activities of iPad owners. Books comes in 6th place and Newstand unfortunately is dead last. Personally, I think it’s almost hysterical how when the first generation iPad was announced, it was touted as the savior of the publishing industry. Magazine, newspaper and book publishers all jumped at the chance of having their content on the iPad. Oh well, reading is overrated anyway. What about you? Are you more likely to play Angry Birds Space on your iPad or read a book? Please tweet @methodshop and let us know.


Infographic via AYTM Research


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