This Badass Great-Grandfather Has Over 1,000 Extreme Tattoos

Bad Ass Great-Grandfather Has Over 1k Tattoos
This grandfather has tattoos absolutely everywhere including his genitals.

Does your grandfather or great grandfather have a tattoo? Maybe one or two from WWII or Vietnam? That’s typical for senior citizens with tattoos. Well, how about 1,000!? Great-grandfather Tommy Wells was named the “most tattooed man in Britain” after having over 1,000 tattoos inked on his body. Over the last 52 years, the 69-year-old has tattoos absolutely everywhere including the soles of his feet, his lips, and even his… genitals. At this point, he basically has one giant extreme tattoo over his entire body.

This grandfather has one giant extreme tattoo over his entire body.
Source: Odd Stuff Magazine

BTW – If any kids from Tommy’s neighborhood are reading this, you might want to stay off his lawn. He’s old, but he still looks pretty badass.

How To Honor The Human Grandfather Tattoo?

Some people get a grandfather tattoo to honor a deceased relative. But Tommy is a walking tattoo. What kind of tattoo should his friends and family get to honor him?

Extreme Tattoo Challange

We thought MethodShop‘s own Gia Pace was pretty badass for getting a tattoo during her lunch break. I’ll propose a 1,000 extreme tattoo challenge to her this afternoon, but I doubt she’ll go for it.

Do You Know Someone An Extreme Tattoo?

Is there someone in your group of family or friends with an extreme tattoo? Do you know any senior citizens with tattoos worthy of an article on MethodShop? If so, please contact us.

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