For the tech community, the IPO of the year was announced. Facebook! Now everyone is waiting with baited breath on getting shares of Facebook. But what about those of us who really don’t want to play the stock game and just have one share to say they have them?

Well, you can do that, too.

How to Get a Single Share of Stock (in any company)

If the company is a publicly traded one, you can get a single share of stock. That includes Walt Disney stock, Harley Davidson stock, Microsoft stock, Apple stock, and many more.

You will need to go through a single stock broker to do so. This means you will be paying more for your stock, but you will not only get the one share, you will also be able to get a frame and an engraved plaque for that stock.

MAD Magazine's Fake Facebook Stock Certificate
MAD Magazine’s Fake Facebook Stock Certificate

There are a few single stock transaction services like GiveAShare and OneShare. These companies work with you to acquire one share of your favorite stock to keep or give as a gift.

Is One Share of Stock Going to Make Me Rich?

Probably not. It’s more a novelty than anything. However, there are instances where you can cash in that share and make a little $$ on it. Especially if that stock splits several times.

Apple shares were around $8 in 2002. Now they are around $535 a share. The stock split 2:1 in 2005, which meant that your stock went from 1 at $44 dollars, to two shares at $22. Therefore, the stock owner would have 2 shares of stock, equalling $1000.

Apple Computer IPO 1980
Apple Computer IPO 1980

So one shareholder could make a little bit of money. Additionally, if the stock pays a Dividend, you can get some cash back on your stock. Most dividends are a few cents a share, though. High Dividend stocks can pay out a couple bucks a year.

The Reality of Stock Trading

The best way to make a million is to have more than one share of stock. Yes, your stock can grow. If it splits 10 times in 10 years and shoots up to $100 a share, you could see selling your 512 shares for half a million dollars.

But many stocks don’t do that. Some make hard fluctuations and don’t split. Some don’t even see dividends. So the chances of you making a lot of money are not going to be great.

When the dot-com bubble burst in 2001, many companies IPO’s were worthless. The stock itself may become a collector’s item in the next 10 years, in which you might make some cash back.

If you are buying one share of stock, it’s mostly for the novelty. Just like buying a scratch-off lottery ticket. You may win $1000, but then again, you may win nothing.

Do You Own Any Facebook Stock?

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