UPDATE: The owner of the @NRA_Rifleman Twitter handle deleted their account at 1:45 PM ET. 4 hours and 25 minutes after posting the tweet “Good morning, shooter. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?

Talk about bad timing. A Twitter account named @NRA_Rifleman posted this controversial tweet just hours after the tragic Batman movie shooting in Colorado. The tweet lightheartedly asks gun aficionados to share their weekend plans. Unfortunately, the weekend plans of many people connected to the tragedy involve funerals and memorials.

Twitter Reacts to NRA Tweet

At the time of this screenshot, 293 people had responded to the @NRA_Rifleman Twitter account questioning the timing of this tweet: “Good morning, shooter. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?” Some of the outraged tweeters are listed here in this blog post below.

Tacky Tweet posted after the Batman Colorado Shooting



What Do You Think?

Was this tweet insensitive, or is everyone just being overly sensitive after the #ColoradoShooting?