How To Turn Your Facebook Page into a Movie with Timeline Movie Maker

"Timeline Movie Maker" App

Are you an admin for a Facebook Page? Do you want to share something unique from your brand with your fans? Timeline Movie Maker for Facebook Pages®, is a free website that enables brands to curate customized one minute movies showcasing your most engaging Facebook content. The website’s A.I. (artificial intelligence) digs through your Facebook Page and finds relevant content based on shares, Likes and comments. It then uses this content to build a chronological story into customized mini-movie.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “make a movie for your Facebook Page” link
  3. Select a brand page that you admin
  4. Let the A.I. take a first pass and show you the basic animation template
  5. Customize the content at the end by selecting specific Facebook photos and by picking a soundtrack

If you mess around with the settings and customize photos, you can really make a fun and engaging brand experience that will help strengthen the relationships between your brand and your Facebook community. One of my favorites was the Timeline Movie Maker video made by the rock group Guns N’ Roses.

"Timeline Movie Maker" Turns Your Fa...

Timeline Movie Maker supports a variety of languages including Italian, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Brazilian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and English. The Timeline Movie Maker project is a collaboration between Facebook and  Definition 6.

If you are interested in making a movie from your personal Facebook Page, then please read this.

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