1G iPhone User Doesn’t Plan on Upgrading Anytime Soon [interview]

1G iPhone User Doesn't Plan on Upgrading Anytime Soon [interview]

While a large number of Americans anxiously await the arrival of iPhone 5 (speculated for September), we found a guy who is not only still using the original, 1st generation iPhone, he doesn’t plan to upgrade anytime soon. We caught up with David, a 35-year-old Physical Therapist living in New York, fascinated as to what makes him loyal to the original, knowing the advancements that continue to be made 5 years since the iPhone was introduced.


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MethodShop: *cringing* Tell us you’ve at least been offered the opportunity to upgrade your phone?

David: I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m content with my phone. Although I can’t multitask, or ask Siri a question, I have Internet access, an iPod, camera, calendar, map, notes and a dozen or so apps, including Skype, Shazam, Facebook, Pandora, Yelp, YouTube and several games. And yes, I’ve been offered a new phone – My girlfriend even bought me an iPhone gift card 2 years back, but I used it for headphones instead.

MethodShop: But what is it abut the 1st generation iPhone?

David: I like having the original and the numerous and constant changes that have been made to every subsequent version have not deemed my phone obsolete.

MethodShop: Yet, there are so many apps you can’t download without having iOS 5. Isn’t it frustrating that most app developers and Apple no longer care or fully support the 1st generation iPhone?

David: Regarding apps, that is true, but I’m still not compelled to upgrade. I believe the original iPhone is capable of operating the way that the newer models do, so I remain hopeful that Apple will present an update to enhance its performance. I believe the apps I’m unable to download can conceptually work on my phone, but I understand the lack of effort in developing for the 1st generation.

MethodShop: Well, it must be quite a conversation starter when people discover your retro phone.

David: Oh yes, I’ve had quite a few people ask me about it and someone even offered to purchase it off me. But they didn’t offer me thousands of dollars like the unopened iPhone someone posted on eBay recently.


So there you have it folks. When Apple eventually announces the iPhone 5, one fan will remain unfazed by this news, perhaps immune to advancing technology and therefore won’t be standing in line with the rest of you. A guy who is content with what he has cause the reality is, it ain’t broke.

What about you? Are you still using an “old” piece of technology in your everyday life? Tell us about it below in the comments! Your story might inspire us to write about you. For example, we recently blogged about creative uses for a 1G iPad.

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