What Happens When You Reach Pac-Man’s Kill Screen At Level 256?

Pacman's Kill ScreenAre you a retro gamer or a child of the 1980s? If so, then you’ve probably played a game or two of Pac-Mac. But did you ever beat it? Probably not. The classic coin-op arcade game has a bug that prevents it from being completely finished. This bug occurs at the 256th board, where an overflow in the the 8-bit byte distinct values occurs. As a result, the right half of the screen is replaced by a series of garbled symbols and letters making it unplayable… unless you know the secret.

To complete the final level of Pac-Man, you need to trap 3 of the 4 ghosts against the right edge and then collect the 9 hidden dots hidden on the jumbled half of the screen (see YouTube video above).

We have 2 online versions of Pac-Man here on MethodShop. The original arcade version of Pac-Man (with the glitch) and the special 30th Anniversary version that Google made in 2010.

If you have a few minutes, go have some fun.

Playable online Pac-Man Games:


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