RIP – Ocean Burial for New AR Drone [pic]

Have you ever watched one of your prized gadgets disappear before your eyes? The feeling you get is a little hard to explain. It’s a combination of a sad sinking feeling with a twist of shock. I unfortunately recently went through this experience losing a brand new AR Drone. The image you see above is the last thing I saw on my iPhone as my AR Drone was swept out to the Atlantic Ocean by a gust of wind in Belmar, NJ. One moment my AR Drone was 5 feet above my driveway. A split second later it was a tiny dot on the horizon way out over the ocean. Sucks. I only got to fly it twice.

AR DroneTwo AR Drone's Flying in the Sky

Have you ever lost one of you gadgets before? Maybe dropped your phone in a swimming pool or toilet? Please tell us about it below in the comments.


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