iPhone Case with Built-In USB Flash Drive [review]

iPhone Case with USB Flash Drive

iPhone Case with Built-In USB Flash Drive [review]There are a lot of iPhone cases out there. You can find cases that that have everything from jewel encrustings to raw meat. But we recently discovered a new iPhone case from USBcopier.com that does more than just look pretty and protect your phone. It can also help you transfer files between computers.

The appropiately called “iPhone Case With USB Flash Drive” has a built-in 4GB USB stick that easily slides out of the case when you need it, but remains safely secured once snapped back into place. Now toting around important documents, like your resume, is as easy as remembering your phone.

MethodShop contributor, Frank Radice (pictured above in his office) is notorious for “accidentally” stealing people’s USB thumbdrives. Hopefully an iPhone case with a built-in USB flash drive will help alleviate this issue.

These USB iPhone cases are available in a variety of colors (the USB stick too), so you can mix and match for school colors pride – or just pick two of your favs. You can even add a 2 color logo to your case for no additional cost. So marketing people at FexEx, IBM, Shell and other 2 logo color companies should be particularly excited. The available colors include: black, blue, yellow, pink, green, red and grey. The grey/pink combo is pictured on the right without a logo.

But before you get too excited, the “iPhone Case With USB Flash Drive” is only sold in bulk. The lowest run, 100 cases, sells for $12 each. In case you’re not a “math person,” that means 100 cases will set you back $1,200. So unless you’re personally planning on buying 100 cases with your Twitter handle printed on the back and giving them away at SXSW or MFNW, then these cases will make more sense for businesses.

We’re already thinking that this has MethodShop ‘holiday gift’ written… err, printed all over it.

You can get more info on these cases on USBcopier.com.


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