Kid Tries to Pay Police With $137 Individually Folded Into Origami Pigs

He spent over 4 hours folding $137 into 137 individual origami pigs.

No one likes getting a traffic or parking ticket. But when YouTube user Bacon Moose, found out that his municipality charged a 5% credit card processing fee, he decided to make a statement by paying his $137 fine with 137 individually folded origami pigs.

A Protest Of Origami Pigs

Protesting what he calls “a town where the cops (and absurd red light cameras) are pretty much a money trap,” Bacon Moose, spent 4+ hours folding 137 individual dollar bills into origami pigs. He then put the pigs into 2 Dunkin’ Donuts boxes and delivered them to his local Municipal Court.

And thanks to a hidden camera, the entire incident was caught camera. Since being uploaded to YouTube last week on September 11th, the video has gotten over 700k views.

“Yes, I know the video kinda sucks. I stuffed a phone sideways in my t-shirt pocket and just let it run while I was there,” Bacon Moose posted on his YouTube page. “[It] was kinda difficult to aim it.”

What do you think?

Should the police have accepted the origami pigs as legal tender or was Bacon Moose just being a wise ass? Please post a comment below.

Also here’s a video tutorial on how to fold the origami pigs. It might come in handy for your next traffic ticket.