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Internet Explorer CSS LogoWhat web browser are you using right now? Is it the dreaded Internet Explorer? Internet Explorer is still the default web browser on every PC running Microsoft Windows and many users don’t take the time to download and install alternate browsers like Chrome, SafariWaterfox, or Firefox. And that apparently goes for readers. According to our October analytics, 80% of‘s readers are using IE. Yep. 80%!?!! We were shocked and we’re pretty sure Social Media expert, MouseLink will be equally astonished. This week he tweeted a message asking people why they were still using Internet Explorer.


If anything, has seen Internet Explorer use surprisingly increase, not decrease, within the last year. Here’s a pie chart below from July 2011 showing Internet Explorer use at only 33%. Why the 50% rise? Good question! So tell us, what’s your browser of choice and why? Don’t be shy. Tweet @mouselink @methodshop or post a note in the comment box below.

Browser Use By Readers