6 Awesome Celebrity Business Cards That You Have To See

Don Pardo's Business Card

Business, networking, dating… there are tons of reasons why the average person needs a business card. But what about celebrities. Have you ever seen a famous person’s business card before? Here are some of my favorite celebrity business cards that include Don Pardo, Steve Martin, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Neil Armstrong.

01) Steve Martin

One summer in the early 1990s, I got an opportunity to go backstage at NBC’s Burbank Studios where they recorded The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. One of the guests that night was Steve Martin. While Martin was walking out into the parking lot, I said something stupid like “Hey Steve, I love Three Amigos!” I had a pen and paper in my hands just in case there was an opportunity for an autograph. But Martin said “Thanks kid,” gave me his business card, and kept walking. At first I felt disappointed and confused. I wanted an autograph. But then I thought, WOW! I have Steve Martin’s business card.

Steve Martin Business Card - Celebrity Business Cards
Steve Martin

02) Donald Trump

I could be wrong, but I doubt business leaders with household names like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, handed out very many business cards during their careers. But Donald Trump is business personified. If Trump doesn’t hand out a small stack of business cards every day, then I’d be surprised. And based on the back of his card, he must also do a lot of business in Asia.

Donald Trump's Business Card - Celebrity Business Cards
Donald Trump

03)  Don Pardo

Saturday Night Live (season 36)

Although you may not know Don Pardo by name, you’ll definitely recognize his voice. He is, and will always be the “voice” of NBC‘s Saturday Night Live. Each episode begins with his signature phrase, “IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!” In addition to announcing countless TV shows and commercials, Don was also the original announcer for both Jeopardy! and The Price Is Right and the voice for NBC’s Saturday Night Live for almost 40 years.

Like Steve Martin, Pardo’s business card doesn’t actually provide the recipient with any real contact information. It’s more of a conversation piece. Pardo’s cards have raised gold lettering that says: “World Traveler. International Lover. Last Of The Big Spenders.” I had the honor of working on the same floor as Pardo when I was at NBC. The last bit about being a big spender is an inside joke. Anyone who knows Pardo knows that he’s actually very frugal. We usually went to the Grand Havana Room on 5th Avenue for lunch and I always ended up paying. At least he was a cheap date. He stopped drinking in the 1980s.

Don Pardo's Business Card
Don Pardo

04) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Although I couldn’t find any business cards from Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was just an actor, I did find one from while he was governor of the State of California. The Governator!

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Business Card - Celebrity Business Cards
Arnold Schwarzenegger

05) Neil Armstrong

Yep, even the first man to walk on the moon had a business card. After his career at NASA, Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) taught, consulted, gave speeches, and even did a little acting. One of the companies Armstrong consulted with was Computing Technologies for Aviation (CTA), which was based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Armstrong was Chairman of CTA from 1982-1993. And as you can see, he autographed this particular card.

Neil Armstrong's Business Card - Celebrity Business Cards
Neil Armstrong

06) Bill Gates

Back in 1976, Microsoft had 6 employees and revenues of only $22,496. They also leased their first official office space. Here’s Bill Gates‘ first business card with the first Microsoft logo and their first business address: Two Park Central Tower Building at 300 San Mateo Blvd, N.E., Suite 819, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bill Gates Business Card - Celebrity Business Cards
Bill Gates Business Card, President Of Microsoft

Do You Have Any Celebrity Business Cards?

What about you? Do you own any notable celebrity business cards that we should include in this article? If so, send us a picture of the business card with a note from our Submit page, or post it in the comments below. Thanks!

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