A CNN camera crew in Toronto captured a mother duck and her ducklings struggling to cross a busy Canadian highway. This ‘family of ducks crossing highway’ video easily be the most intense thing you will see all day. It’s like a real-life game of Frogger, but with ducklings!! #YouCanBreatheNow

Ducks Crossing Highway: It’s Illegal To Help Them

If you ever see a family of ducks crossing a highway or freeway, do NOT try to help them. It’s illegal, dangerous and a major highway safety issue. A woman in Montreal was sentenced to jail and banned for driving for 10-years for helping ducks cross a highway. Her efforts to save the ducks resulted in the deaths of two people on a Canadian highway.

How To Download This YouTube Video

If you want to download this YouTube video, then please check out this article: How To Copy Videos Off of YouTube.
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