FroliCat BOLT Laser Cat Toy

his automatic laser toy will have your cat bouncing off the walls.

Feel guilty when you have to leave you cat at home by themselves all day? Not with the FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy. Seriously, this is one of the best cat toys ever. Let me tell you why…

My friend Jon Accarrino got my cat, Sam (@SamKatzOTL), a FroliCat BOLT for my birthday. At first I wasn’t sure about this. I know cats like to chase lasers, so that wasn’t the problem. My concern was that the laser could hurt Sam’s eyes. But after seeing some videos online showing the constant motion of the laser (including the one above), my mind was put at ease. The FroliCat BOLT‘s laser moves enough so it doesn’t directly attack their eyes. Also, cats are looking at the laser dot on the ground and not at the FroliCat BOLT itself.

In general, my cat Sam isn’t different from most house cats. He’s lazy, bored and definitely needs a little exercise. So my wife and I turned on our new FroliCat BOLT for our cat Sam… and could not be happier.

If They Hear It, They Will Come…

One thing I didn’t expect my cat to love about a laser toy, was the sound. Actually I wasn’t expecting the FroliCat BOLT to even have sound. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t play music or make any funny sound effects. The FroliCat BOLT makes a faint mechanical whirring sound as the head spins around. The sound is soft enough to not really bother a human, but our cat Sam can hear it from anywhere in the house and comes running to play with his laser dot friend. After a few play sessions, your cat will start to associate the sound of the FroliCat BOLT with the laser dot. Eventually they’ll figure out that the laser dot ONLY appears when they can hear the whirring noise. This means they won’t be aimlessly hunting for the laser dot all day and night. That’s just sad.

Laser Motion & Setup

The FroliCat BOLT’s laser light swirls in slow natural patterns with jumps and holds. This mimics the basic motion of insects and other animals. However, the pattern is fairly simple and extremely repetitive. Don’t expect a wild zigzag of never ending patterns. The BOLT only makes a regular, predictable ellipse distorted by whatever furniture or walls are in the way. Regardless, the laser motion will tease your cat with delight. Our cat’s tail wags the whole time he plays with the FroliCat BOLT. Even though Sam can never “catch” the laser as it travels  in a predictable ellipse, he’s still entertained and will chase it endlessly.

FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy <p data-wpview-marker=FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy Adjustable Mirror

The FroliCat BOLT has an adjustable mirror that allows you to pick the perfect angle for your house. In other words, you can concentrate the laser on a wall, carpet or any other area of your house that you want your cat to play in and away from any areas you don’t want them.

I suggest setting up the BOLT on a table and not putting it on the floor within your cat’s reach. The BOLT is small and can easily be knocked over by your cat.


The FroliCat BOLT takes 4 AA batteries. Try to only use new batteries. Older batteries will result in a dim laser. Sometimes I’ll save older batteries and only use them at nighttime when brightness it’s such a concern.

There’s also a fifteen minute auto shut-off. I think 15 minutes is the perfect amount of time. We usually turn on the laser before we leave the house. This way our cat has a distraction and we don’t feel so bad leaving him home alone. It’s also comforting knowing that he won’t drive himself crazy hopelessly chasing a magical laser dot for hours.

Final Thoughts

My cat, Sam, loves the BOLT. He knows where we keep it at home and will even go sit by the cabinet and wait for us to turn it on for him. If your cat needs some extra exercise and loves lasers, then the BOLT will be something both the humans and the felines in your house will enjoy. Plus, it’s under $20. How can you go wrong?

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