How To Send A Free Santa Call To Your Friends And Family

Santa Call [game]

Google Santa GamesWant to amaze the kids in your family this year with a little Christmas magic? Google has combined several of their technologies including Google Maps and Google Voice into a package of 5 Santa related apps and games: Santa Tracker, Present Drop, Jet Pack, Racer and Santa Call.

The Santa Tracker app obviously won’t start working until Christmas Eve. But in addition to Santa Tracker, there are 3 Christmas games and an app called Santa Call that you can use right now. Santa Call lets you fill out a simple form and then Santa will call, email or use social media to connect with whoever you want. I just had Santa call my wife’s cell phone and brag about drinking wine and doing pilates with Mrs. Claus. All 5 apps are well done and definitely work checking out.

Here are links to the Google Santa apps/games:

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