Aquarium Full Of Sharks Shatters And Floods Shopping Mall

Watch A Shark Tank Crack Open In A Shopping Center A shark tank exploded in a Shanghai shopping center injuring 15 people and killing 3 sharks. Shoppers had to run out of the way to avoid tons of water, pieces of glass and sharks after a tank suddenly burst in a Shanghai, China shopping center.

CCTV footage shows a group of people standing right next to the aquarium when the 15 centimeter thick protective acrylic glass began to crack and then exploded releasing 33-tons of water. Three lemon sharks and dozens of smaller fish and turtles housed inside the 7-meter-long, 3-meter-high aquarium, became victims of the incident.

The incident took place at the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center just before Christmas on December 19. The aquarium was only 2-years-old. Initial reports say that the shopping mall does not plan on rebuilding the aquarium.
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