Williams Sisters Featured In iPhone 5 Ad Announcing New “Do Not Disturb” Feature

Williams Sisters In iPhone 5 Commercial For Apple
Venus and Serena Williams playing doubles Ping-Pong in an iPhone 5 commercial for Apple.

Do you frequently find yourself dreaming about tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams? Would you rather not be disturbed during this dream? It must be your lucky day! Thanks to Apple‘s new “Do Not Disturb” feature for the iPhone 5, you can now dream about the Williams Sisters and not be disturbed.

Williams Sisters Featured In New iPhone 5 Ad

On New Year’s Day, Apple launched a new ad on their official YouTube channel featuring… the Williams sisters!  As you can see in this clip, the ad features both Venus Williams and Serena Williams in the table tennis match of your dreams. The ad promotes the iPhone‘s new “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS 6, Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

iOS 6 Bug Prevents “Do Not Disturb” Feature From Turning Off

Ironically, a January 1st date bug in iOS 6 prevented the “Do Not Disturb” feature from turning off. So if you were dreaming of the Venus sisters, then this malfunction would have made certain you remained completely undisturbed.

Maybe that’s why no one called or texted to wish you a Happy New Year.  And you thought your buddies were just hungover.

Happy New Year!

2013! It’s a new year. Time to dream bigger…  or at least dream that Apple starts releasing bug-free products.

(No need to pinch me  — I prefer not to be awakened from this dream).

iPhone "Do Not Disturb" Feature

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